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Under the direction of Ms Paula Reed, I underwent a series of therapy treatments including: EFT, Reflexology and Reiki. At the time I had been suffering chronic back pain for two years and a deteriorating neuropathy condition that affected my hands and feet. Painkillers were my only means of relief and out of desperation, and on the recommendation of a friend; I sought the help of Ms Reed. Since undergoing these unique treatments, my quality of life has improved beyond words and my sense of wellbeing has benefited tremendously.

A P Wilde - Derby

It's the attention to detail that sets Paula apart from other therapists. Nothing is too much trouble. You are always welcomed with a smile. Every person is treated as an individual with 100% professionalism, whatever you are attending for, whether it be Reflexology, Reiki or EFT.

The surroundings of her therapy room are comfortable and relaxing. I would recommend giving the treatments a go and note the benefits you receive.

Roberta Sutton- Leicestershire

I have been having reflexology treatments for some time now. Although my back problem is degenerative, I find a definite benefit after having the treatment. My pain is less and movement is much easier. When I recently had a very acute episode of pain and was barely able to move, Paula tried EFT. I was amazed by the result. After a short time, my pain was bearable and I could move with ease. I am sceptical by nature and I don't know why these treatments work, but they do!

Andrew Moore - Leicestershire

I would recommend hopi ear candles to anyone. I have never felt so relaxed! I found that afterwards, my hearing was much clearer and I generally felt better. I have a treatment whenever I can.

Carole Porter - Leicestershire

I run my own business and from time-to-time need to 'cold call' to increase my client base. It's a job that requires courage and a positive mental attitude, and something that I looked on with dread! A client told me about EFT and recommended the practitioner, Paula Reed. I was sceptical, but felt anything was worth a try. After just one session, I completely overcame my fear of cold-calling. In fact, I was positively excited about making that first call! I would never have believed it if I hadn't experienced it first-hand.

K. Lanskoff - Derbyshire

Over a period of time I have been having reflexology with Paula Reed. The benefits I receive are unbelievable. Most of my problems are stress related and having reflexology makes me feel much calmer. I also have asthma which is stress related and used to be reliant on my inhalers. Since having reflexology I rarely need to use them now. My sleep pattern is much better but most of all the stress and tension and feeling edgy has gone. I feel a much more relaxed person and am able to cope with the stress of everyday life. I would recommend it to anyone just try it as the benefits are unbelievable.

Gwen Bowler - Leicestershire

At the beginning of the year, I broke the humerus bone at the top of my right arm. As this is my dominant hand, it was inconvenient, as well as painful. The consultant said my arm would, "never be the same again." Initially, progress was quite slow, despite physiotherapy. In May, I contacted Paula and began the first of six sessions of reflexology. The improvement after the first three sessions was quite noticeable, so much so, that when I finally saw the consultant at the end of June and had to demonstrate the full range of movement with my arm, he pronounced my progress, "amazing, just amazing." I still have two sessions remaining, but apart from the odd 'twinge' my arm is now as good as before.

Sheila 29 July 2010

I first discovered Paula and reflexology when I was dealing with bereavement. What I did not expect was the enormous immediate improvement in the amount of rotation in my neck - which had been impaired for years due to jarring whilst riding a spooky horse for years.

Later I suffered an accident at work which resulted in me being thrown onto my back on concrete by a barn door. I usually respond well to physiotherapy, but on this occasion the bruising in my back was very deep and did not come out. Paula used reflexology and within two days the improvement was very real. I could actually feel that my body had relaxed internally.

Recently I have suffered a riding accident and went to Paula for help. Once again reflexology and Paula's hands are working wonders.

I do have ticklish feet but am able to deal with the treatment with very little reaction. I don't know how this treatment works; all I know is that it actually does both on a physical and emotional level. Give it a go, let Paula work her magic; you have nothing to lose!!

Jackie S Leicestershire

I approached Paula specifically because I wanted to deal with an intense and inherent fear of public speaking.

I love the sound of my own voice, and despite a great deal of experience, I've never really understood why I struggled so much to overcome that initial 'fight or flight' emotion. It'd hit me sometimes days before I had to present, or seconds before I felt I needed to air my opinion in a public arena. My mouth would become dry, my mind would go blank and for some reason I'd forget to breath, so my speech was abrupt and discontinuous. I had to do something about it and many of the documented techniques for this common condition had little effect, and didn't get anywhere near the root of the problem, whatever it was or wherever it lay.

Paula advised me to do some brief investigation into 'Tapping', and to learn the basic principles, which I did in an hour one afternoon. We planned to do the sessions during my working hours, since it can be done remotely over the phone, and it didn't seem unreasonable, as the scenarios are similar, that we should dress it up as tackling my fear of cold calling. So it seemed appropriate, and a very good test as I had a large cold calling campaign coming up soon.

What Paula did, not only uncovered and addressed the underlying distant memories that had endowed me this limiting demeanour, but also to address and nullify the more recent scenarios where I'd experienced this same fear. She then went on to identify the physical stumbling blocks that were immediately in my path, and provided advice on how to increase my success with simple things like having the right script, and changing the environment that I was working in. Also, I found that once Paula had taught me the technique, I could then use it again whenever I liked, or whenever I needed; and it's always been effective!

As a result I went to work immediately on my cold calling, and found to my pleasure that I wasn't only enjoying it thoroughly, but I even wanted to do it, and wanted get onto it as quickly as possible. I sold my first sponsorship slot within a day, and went on to build many positive and fruitful relationships!

This was fantastic, but what also happened was huge; and I guess somewhat unexpected. I found that through the work that we'd done over the course of the five or six sessions, I now saw my life in a very different and positive light. Things that I knew had been limiting me for all of my adult life, and things that had created an almost uncontrollable and uncomfortable emotion within me; things that I'd tried hard to tackle for that very same amount of time, seemed to have simply disappeared over night! I felt that I'd been freed - and it dawned on me that that's exactly what it's all about! It's an Emotional Freedom Technique!

I'd thoroughly recommend Paula and the work that she'll do for you, because very quickly, very easily and conveniently, she'll teach you a technique that'll not only change your life, but that which you can take with you for the rest of your life.'

Dr. Jonathan R. Tuck

For the last 17 years I have had a fear of cats. I cannot be in the same room as a cat and if I saw one coming towards me I would have to cross the road. My fear was so bad that I could not let my son have one as a pet. In May 2011 I visited Paula to try EFT. I found Paula very understanding and a warm person to talk to. I felt totally relaxed telling Paula about my fear of cats. After only one session of EFT I no longer have any fear of cats, in fact just the opposite I love them. I have been to the cattery on a number of occasions as we are looking for a family cat right now. I would like to say a big thank you Paula for my treatment which means my son can now have his pet cat.

Velma Simms-Stewart

I just want to let you know what happened when you sent Reiki healing last night.

When I went to bed I thought I would read for a while before I went to sleep but I couldn't and switched off the lights and settled down. The first thing I noticed was an array of bright small yellow twinkling lights like a clear night sky; it was really quite beautiful to watch. I was comfortable and content to just watch the lights but suddenly I began to feel slight twitches all over my body from my neck down to my feet. I was unable to control the movements and I'm pleased to say that they were not at all unpleasant. The twitches would at times would grow in intensity and at first I was a bit alarmed. These twitches would come and then stop but all the time my neck was moving slowly from side to side. I can tell you that for the first time in months, the pain in my feet and back had vanished completely and I even forgot about taking my CoCodamol. I don't know for sure how long the whole thing lasted but as it started to end, the twinkling yellow lights gave way to vivid blue spots of light that would appear and then disappear from what looked like a night sky. Slowly I returned to the normal state and before I knew it I was asleep. My best guess is that the whole experience lasted maybe 45 minutes and with the exception of one trip to the toilet, I had my best night's sleep for weeks! This morning I felt very refreshed and was much better. I recounted my Reiki experience to my wife who was intrigued and delighted for me.

PW Derby

I just wanted to share with you my experience when you 'sent' me Reiki while I was in Stepping Hill hospital.

I lay in bed with my leg in plaster after breaking my ankle in 3 places while walking in the Peak District. I only had a slight amount of pain however I was very anxious about the thought of the operation; they were putting in a pin on one side and a plate on the other. I had got myself into such a state thinking about the next day. That evening, I started to feel a little 'strange', it was only then I looked at the clock and realised the time was 10pm (you do lose track of time in hospital) this was the time you had told me you would send the Reiki. So I switched off the reading light, laid back and closed my eyes. It was amazing I started to feel calmer and relaxed about the situation and the thought of the operation the next day. This calmness stayed with me, as when I had visitors the next day my family commented about it.

S.Beaumont Leicestershire

I am 32 and have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. To look at me you would never know that I suffered with anxiety; I'm very social have a good job and enjoy all sports. But in reality I always lacked confidence and hated anything that would put me in the limelight. It just goes to show you can never judge who has anxiety and who doesn't. I felt very alone with my anxiety I couldn't tell anyone about it as I thought it was stupid and just me. So I bottled it up.

I recently split up with my girlfriend of two years, it was a shock and I was very upset which made my anxiety worse. I thought everything was great; she even helped me to tell my parents about my anxiety. She also helped me with it which I will never forget her for. I started reading about anxiety, but funnily enough it was my mother who found out about Paula.

I spoke to Paula over the phone, before we met, and we arranged my first appointment. I am not going to lie I was very nervous about the first appointment. Going into a stranger's house and discussing all my problems was something I thought I would never do. But if you are reading this trust me it is by far the best thing I have ever done. I have now had a few appointments and I'm not looking back. I feel great. I just wish I had found out about Paula and EFT sooner. I cannot speak highly enough of Paula and I would just like to thank her for everything she has done for me. She has been amazing.

Thank you.

G.T. Leicestershire

I am a self employed management consultant and investor and I am often stressed juggling several balls at once dealing with urgent client and investor company issues. This affects me physically with many symptoms i.e. a constant sick feeling in my stomach and my throat and as a result no appetite, feeling really tired and lacking energy and not being able to sleep at night. It was suggested I tried Reiki and although I was very sceptical I decided to give it a go as I had nothing to lose. After only a couple of treatments I found a dramatic turn round in my well being. Not only did the sickness disappear and I slept soundly all night but I also felt a great feeling of calmness with a lot of the stress subsiding. This enabled me to operate more effectively when under the same level of pressure with the same urgent deadlines. I also found I was able to deal with issues that would usually stress me without feeling stressed. If ever I experience pressure now and feel the physical symptoms of stress coming on I have Reiki treatments to help me through. I was a disbeliever but now I am a convert. I still do not know how it works but it is certainly very effective.

M Clarke Leicestershire

Sorry it's taken so long, but I just thought I'd let you know that I no longer have glue ear (according to Melton Hospital). I don't know whether the hopi ear candle treatment worked, but all I can say is that four weeks before my hospital appointment, the doctor said I still had fluid in my inner ears. In between, I came to you for treatment, so I'm sure it had some effect! Anyway, thank you....and if it ever comes back, I'll come for another treatment.

Ruth Clarke

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R. Stanley Leicestershire

Paula has quite simply turned my life around. I went to see her after reading in a book called 'From Fatigued To Fantastic' that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be cured using EFT - and sometimes with astonishing results.

I suffered with CFS for four and a half years and tried a number of different treatments and therapies at great cost, to try and find a cure. CFS/ME is a deibilitating and frustrating illness, which eats away at your life - I was single parenting and trying to hold a part time job down whilst dealing with the constant frustrations of having to rest, feeling as though I was running on empty most of the time and being unable to excercise without exhaustion.

During my first EFT session with Paula I experienced what I can only described as a profound energy shift. From there on in I began to make a rapid recovery. It was as though the illness had simply been taken away. It took my body some time to recovery from being so unfit and I had six sessions of EFT to work on the various causes that had been undermining my health - mostly trauma in my case.

Six months later I am fully recovered and getting fitter as I can now walk every day. I have my life back! I am working more, have quality time with my son, and can give more attention to my passion - songwriting.

I cannot thank Paula enough for getting me over an illness that otherwise could have hung around for many years.

I am very grateful to you Paula, and I sincerely hope that others in need will find you and discover the benefits of EFT.

S Alexander Leicestershire